Magnificent decorated Easter eggs from the Bukovina

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The mystery of Easter eggs from the Bukovina

Die ganze Familie bemalt Ostereier in Wachstechnik

The Bukovina (land of beech trees) is one fascinating part of the north east of Rumania. It is famous for its magnificent painted monasteries where the tradition of painting Easter eggs is still alive.

Based on the monasteries the people are influenced by a deep Christian religiosity, that´s why celebrating Easter is very valuable and significant.

The egg as a symbol of life is very important. Concerning this the tradition of painting Easter eggs is very common. People of different generations are sitting together in a kitchen or living room and are colouring those beautiful Easter eggs with their old techniques.

There you´ll find the batik technique which has its origin in the Slavonic speaking part and uses old Christian orthodox symbols and motifs. Another well-known technique is waxing with its lovely colours and different motifs. Holding the egg in your hand you can feel the surface and be astonished about the fine, filigree and versatile ornamental painting.

Eine junge Frau bemalt Ostereier in WachstechnikIf you are looking at the painting women you could think they perform magic. Just holding the egg in one hand and painting with the highest geometrical accuracy very precise lines which are painted with different coloured wax. Step by step the normal egg is going to be a great work of art.

Each single Easter egg is unique, something very special!
Decorate your room with specials or make a lovely present to your beloved people with an individual and great present- even beyond Easter.


Eine Frau aus Brodina bemalt ein Osterei.

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